The communities I’m interested in

In my last post, I talked about having found a second order I was interested in, and placating my fears of being rejected by an order. Never would have guessed it, I’ve found another one! In case you’re curious, these are the orders I’m interested it:

St. Cecilia’s Abbey
Monastery of the Visitation
Tyburn Convent

St. Cecilia’s has been my first choice, the Monastery of the Visitation was the one I posted about the other day. Yesterday, I discovered Tyburn Convent. At the moment I’m looking mostly at Tyburn Convent and St. Cecilia’s Abbey because I feel drawn more to Benedictine orders. I’ve been reading the Rule of Saint Benedict and at this point I’m feeling a definite pull towards that particular group.

My plan is to visit St. Cecilia’s after Christmas. It’s not far from where I live but I don’t have the money at the moment to get there so if I wait until next term then my next loan will have come through and I’ll have some time off between my exam and when classes start again. I thought that would be the perfect time, I won’t have much work to do and I won’t be worried about classes or anything.

I also want to visit Tyburn Convent, though I’m not sure when I’d do that. It’s not too difficult to get to, either from university or from home. Again though, it’ll have to wait until next year before I can do that. One of the things I really like about it is they have a particular dedication to the Blessed Sacrament and have Perpetual Adoration. I can’t seem to get the vocations section of their website to work on my laptop (the occasional peril of having a Mac) but they have a contact section where you can request information about vocations so I sent a request.

I’m not sure about the Monastery of the Visitation. Of the orders I’ve looked at it’s one of the ones I like the most and the only non-Benedictine one I feel at all drawn to really. Visiting it any time soon would be a lot trickier than the others because it’s in the middle of nowhere and I can’t drive yet and the nearest train station is several miles away. They also don’t have vocation information on their website so I may contact them about that, just so I’m at least informed if I do choose to visit at a later point.

There’s so much to organise but I can’t even get started because I don’t have my exam timetable yet. And it’s it little too far in advance! I guess it’s just frustrating because I’m desperate to start discerning with an order but I obviously need to visit them and I can’t just yet. I need to learn to be more frugal!

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