This morning I went to a Penitential Service at my church. I’d never been before but I wanted to go to Confession so it worked out perfectly. It was really nice because there were a load of kids taking their first Confession. There was one poor little kid who was in the line looking like he was about to cry. Aside from the sheer terror I had at realising that I had to confess face-to-face, it was a nice service. The reason I bring it up is that I spoke to one of the priests after Mass.

We’ve got two priests at my parish, and a few weeks ago I went to speak to one of them about my discernment. I mentioned St. Cecilia’s and Father Philip said he knew the community and offered to let them know I was interested and pass on my contact details to them. Which is pretty scary (nuns would know who I am!) but I was like sure, sounds good. I spoke to him after the service today and he said he’s emailed St. Cecilia’s, so I may hear from them at some point soon. Which is awesome, so now I’ve got contact with both communities and just need to keep hoping and praying!

By the way, totally check this out: Nuns and Sisters: Devoted to Preserving Images of the Traditional Habit. It’s really interesting to see how many different kinds of habits there are out there.

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