After many prayers I have come down to three communities I want to visit.
1. St. Cecilia’s Abbey
2. Tyburn Convent
3. Carmelites Notting Hill

I posted before about the letter I wrote to Tyburn. I haven’t heard back yet but then again I went home a week later and it is Christmas so the post is probably a bit slow at the moment. But a few days ago I emailed the Carmelites and the prioress invited me to meet with her in the new year. So in January I’ve got an appointment to meet with her! It’s all suddenly so real and scary but in a good way. It’s exciting to be making this step further. I’m also going to email St. Cecilia’s. I am a bit worried that all these visits are going to cost me a lot, in trains up to London and then getting across to the Isle of Wight but I’ll just have to learn to be more frugal I guess. Good lesson for the future, especially with having to pay my loans back before I can enter.

I’m so excited now about my first visit to Carmel! It’s so crazy to think that as I visit these places, one day I might be there for the rest of my life. Perhaps a little premature to be thinking about that but then again that’s kinda the whole point!

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