Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We’ve still got another nine and a half hours before the new year hits but whatever, I’m excited. I’m going to a friend’s house later on and I’ll be staying over there. I rarely do much on New Year’s Eve, mostly I just hang out with my family – yeah I’m that cool – so for me just going to hang out at a friend’s will be a nice change, though I do feel bad leaving my poor mother alone.

For me I’m excited about the new year because for me it’s going to bring a lot of new changes: my first community visits are in January and hopefully this year I’ll find the community God is calling me to enter. It’s far too hopeful to think that next new year I’ll have entered, that’s basically impossible, but I do hope that 2013 will see me in the convent. I’ll also be graduating university, which is scary enough in it’s own right because I don’t know what I’m doing after I leave. I hope that the next year will be a real turning point towards the life I want to lead.

Happy New Year!

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