Day 5

What is your favourite way of praying?

I have a particular fondness for litanies. I don’t know why, perhaps it is just the format of them, but I find though I am saying and feeling the words they go deeper than that and it’s not just those words that I’m praying but something much deeper but without words. They take on new life when I pray them and I love the simplicity of them. 

Pray for us, most sorrowful virgin, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ [Litany of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows]

I also love praying at Eucharistic Adoration. I have a great love for the sacrament of the Eucharist (and all sacraments really!) so praying at Adoration is particularly close to my heart. I feel so close to God there. 

What is your least favourite way of praying?

Oh wow. Um. It’s not my least favourite but I do struggle with it a lot and that would be the rosary. I find myself very easily distracted and I get kind of lost in the repetition and don’t feel very focused. 

What are you longing for in your prayer life? Talk to God, or write a letter to God about your desires for prayer.

I long to be able to make even my simple actions in everyday life more prayerful. Mostly my mind just wanders randomly but I want to make those actions more prayerful because I feel like just thinking about nothing is wasted but if I pray then I can make that time beautiful. 

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