Day 7

What would be the sacrifices that would touch you most deeply, either those from the list to the left or others not mentioned?Write or talk to God about these.

I know that for me the hardest sacrifice would be my things that I hold sentimental. I have been very blessed in my life and have seen more of the world in my 20 years than many people will in a lifetime. I have had experiences that many scarcely dream of and I have possessions that I gained from those parts of my life and I do hold them very dear to me. They are wonderful, irreplaceable objects that take me back to those wonderful experiences. There are things I have which I am incredibly lucky to have and giving those things up would be very painful for me. I am very attached to them and those memories that I then associate with them. I do overly attach to possessions and that is something I am working on but I am still saddened by the thought of giving up my sentimental objects. 

What do you imagine would be special blessings for you in religious life?Write or talk to God about these.

For me the greatest blessing of religious life would be the prayer. To be able to have a quiet, prayerful life would be wondrous. Being able to spend time truly in solitude with the Lord is a wonderful thing but being able to come together with the community and praise the Lord together is also a great blessing and religious life provides both those aspects of prayer. Another blessing would be that lack of distractions that comes from every day life. To be free of the gossip, of the frivolity, the expectations of a culture that has lost God. I long to be able to live with others and serve the Lord together without interruption and without interference. 


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