The last few times I’ve been to Mass I noticed something that kind of makes me giggle. Inwardly of course, I was embarrassed enough being the girl with the constant coughing fits – it was so bad that during the Confiteor I was almost sick. Which is always fantastic (not). And of course, it would happen on the one day of the year that they had the Blessing of Throats (since it is the feast day of Saint Blaise). It’s been one of those days. Anyway, digression over and back to the giggling. I was at Mass at my new parish and at the dismissal the priest says (as usual) “go forth, the Mass is ended” and the people all respond “thanks be to God”. I just kind of had thing thought that is was such a funny way to have it, it’s like we’re all thanking God that the Mass is finally over! I’m such a child sometimes. 

I hadn’t really been going to Daily Mass recently. I can’t really go when I’m at home and then the first few weeks back at university were so busy I just never made it in. So I went today for the first time in ages and I was so excited when I remembered it was Friday so I got to go to Adoration as well before Mass. I had been hoping to speak to Father Philip but I didn’t get the chance so hopefully I’ll get a moment after Mass some day next week.

Discernment-wise, I’ve been praying and I’m still feeling that St. Cecilia’s is the right place for me. I need to figure out how I’m going to go about everything, that’s still a big thing for me. I’m  trying to find that right balance between active discernment and still paying enough attention to my university work. I don’t want the discernment to totally take over but I also don’t want it to fade to the background either. 

Saint Blaise, pray for us.

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