Funny Coincidences

There was a topic on Phatmass about the sacrament of Confirmation and it made me wonder what the exact date of my confirmation is because I couldn’t remember the exact date. So I looked up my old emails and realised it was on the 7th of December. Curiosity led me to look up what saint’s feast day that was. Much to my excitement, I discovered that it is the feast day of Saint Ambrose. Some of you may remember I posted a while ago on the religious names I want to submit to the Mother Abbess. And one of the names I want to submit is Mary Ambrose, both for my old parish priest and for the great saint. It’s just such a strange coincidence that I would choose that name and unknowingly was confirmed on his feast day. Even stranger, that wasn’t the day my parish celebrated Confirmation. They celebrated sometime in October but I was on a trip with my school at the time so I couldn’t attend that one. My priest found another parish where I would take the Sacrament at another time and that is how I ended up at the 7th of December, the feast day of Saint Ambrose of Milan. Sometimes I think nothing is really a coincidence, that it’s all God working somehow.

Saint Ambrose of Milan, Confessor and Doctor of the Church, pray for us.

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