Pros of Being a Nun

A question was asked on CAF about what the pros of becoming and being a nun were. The poster seemed to know little about religious life and could only see negatives (as is the case with so many people nowadays). I wrote a response giving what I see in the religious life and thought I’d post it here.

I am only discerning so I have no experience but I can only tell you how I see the religious life. Simply put, I believe it is where God wants me to be. There is nothing I want more than to be consecrated to God and dedicate my life to Him. As a nun I will be able to give every second of my life to God in a way that life in the world just wouldn’t let me. To be free from all the noise and distractions and clutter of the world and just be in a place where everything is for Him and His glory, I can’t imagine anything else more wonderful. There will be sacrifices, but none of those things really matter. The important things will remain and only the superfluous will be lost. My family and friends will be able to visit and write to me and one day I will be united with them again in heaven. Money and possessions and other worldly distractions are nothing compared to the will of God. After all He has given me, how can I deny Him? I think of being a nun and there is nothing but joy. I will be a bride of Christ, and with every moment I will live to serve and glorify Him.
One day I will stand before my sisters, my family and God and make the solemn profession that will forever consecrate me to Him and His service. “Behold, what I longed for, I now see; what I hoped for, I now possess; I am united in heaven to him whom on earth I have loved with all my heart.”


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