Religious Names – Take 2

Several months ago I posted on the religious names I wanted to take. At St. Cecilia’s they submit three to the Abbess, who then chooses one. Apparently at one point the Abbess just chose for you and that was that but they changed it because so many women entered with saints they felt particularly devoted to and wanted those names. This seems to be fairly common practice in communities that take on religious name. I chose that list a long time ago and since then I’ve changed one of them and felt more strongly about others so this is my revised list.

I always liked the format of Sr. Mary [Something] so all the names I would submit would be in that format. I would want to honour the Blessed Mother in my new name as I can think of no greater inspiration that her.

1. Mary Agnes
I have always had a great devotion to St. Agnes ever since I heard her story. It’s one of those purely subjective things that I can’t explain but I have always felt a deep connection and devotion to her.

2. Mary Ambrose
As I posted about a while ago, I was actually confirmed on the feast day of St. Ambrose. This one is after both the great Saint and my old parish priest who taught my RCIA class.

3. Mary Paul
One of my favourite saints has always been St. Paul. I think that as a convert myself I felt a connection on that level but also because he reminds me of God’s infinite mercy and love (I posted about my devotion to St. Paul a few weeks ago).

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