About Me

Sometimes I think on this blog I must come across like I never think of anything other than religious life. So I’ve decided to tell y’all some more about me. My plan is that every now and then (basically when I remember) I’ll post two facts about myself that have absolutely zip to do with religious life.

1. I can’t reach half the cupboards in my kitchen. I’m only 5’5″ and the top shelves are just out of my reach. And wouldn’t you know it half the useful stuff is up there. All the oven dishes, the kitchen paper, the wine! I spend half my time when I’m cooking asking my family to get stuff for me, since they all have at least 3 inches on me.

2. I’ve had a Christmas tree up in my bedroom since about 2007/2008. It’s a little miniature tree I put up in my room and for the past few years I’ve just never taken it away. I even moved house and just put it straight back up.

So there you have it – two completely useless pieces of information about me. Hope you enjoy them!


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