Exciting news!

I have some very exciting news. Last week I finally emailed the Novice Mistress again and ask how I should continue my discernment with them. Sister said that the best thing for me at this stage would be to go there for a live-in. She suggested some dates and I’ve confirmed the dates are okay for me, I’m just waiting for final confirmation from her. The live-in would be for two and a half weeks, ideally it would be three weeks but I have other commitments and they have someone entering soon so it has to be shortened by a few days.

I haven’t really told anyone about it yet. I’m trying to keep it as low-key as I can from my family and friends. I don’t want to make it seem like a big deal. I know people who have been on live-ins and realised the religious life was not their vocation. I’d rather be surer before I start sharing it with everyone. I’ll have to tell my mother, I haven’t yet and I’m not sure how she’ll react. But Sister made the point that seeing their child happy in their vocation usually converts them to the idea more than arguments and discussions so I can only try and see if this is my vocation and trust that if it is then my loved ones will come around.


4 thoughts on “Exciting news!

  1. Thank you. I do hope that this live-in will give me some more clarity and help me bring my discernment more into the concrete. And if it does confirm my vocation then hopefully my joy will help my family come to terms with my vocation.God Bless.

  2. That's great news, I'm very happy for you. Things will become more clear after this. God will help you deal with it all, whatever the outcome of your discernment. Pray for your family but don't let their present attitude distract you too much. Will keep you in my prayers.

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