I haven’t posted much lately. I’m still trying to sort through some stuff and I have a wonderful friend who is helping me so I’ve been trying to take some time to think and untangle the confused, conflicted mess that is my thoughts right now. I’m going on vacation for two weeks tomorrow so obviously I won’t be able to post for that time. I wish I’d had time to schedule some stuff for while I’m away like I did when I was on my live-in but things have just been crazy busy at the moment. Hopefully being away will be good for me, and I will be back to posting more regularly when I get back.


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Emily, I've got the blog covered. Although I don't have much internet access, I've scheduled posts until 26/09 so hopefully you will be back by then to do a bit more on The Vocation Operation.I am planning to visit Tyburn for a monastic afternoon on the 1st sunday of October, but I need to double check my rota. Come along? I might see you there. You don't have to tell me – just turn up at 2.30pm. 🙂 xxxGod Bless you, Emily.Kim xxx

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