An Update

So I realise I haven’t been blogging much recently, for which I apologise. Whoever says discerning is easy is so very wrong! As some of my more recent posts will tell you, I have been struggling recently. I’m still working through some stuff but I’m feeling a lot calmer and a lot ore like I can handle things which is good.

On a less positive note, an old health problem of mine has cropped up again. It was quite a shock to me because I thought it had settled itself. I’d never gone to the doctor about if before but I’ve decided now I’m fed up and so I’ve got an appointment for next week. I’m a little worried because I’m not sure what the doctor will say or be able to do. The difficulty also comes in that it is something that could be a problem for me in terms of discernment. I don’t know yet if it would be an complete impediment, but it could potentially cause me significant problems in both the religious life and in marriage. So I’m trying not to think about discernment as such at the moment and focus on seeing what can be done about my health. Once I know that I can think more seriously about how it may impact my vocational discernment. It might not at all but I want to be sure.

Please keep me in your prayers.


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