God is Good!

I went to Reconcilliation this evening and stayed to go to Mass afterwards since I won’t be able to go tomorrow. I hadn’t been in a while, even though I meant to last week. When I left the Confessional I felt so clean, so refreshed, so renewed! I knelt before the tabernacle and I was so happy to be reconciled with Him once again. I couldn’t stop thanking Him! When I went to Mass I felt so glad to be there, I couldn’t wait to receive the Eucharist. At the Consecration, when the priest held Christ up for us all to gaze upon Him I was in tears. I felt so honoured, so blessed to be there and knowing that I could receive after not being able to for two months made me so happy. When I received Him, oh the joy was indescribable! I had almost forgotten how much I love the Eucharist. I realised how much I longed for Him. My heart yearned for Him and to receive Him was (as always) such a great blessing.

Whatever my vocation is, I know that I love Him more than anything and my life will always be dedicated to His glory.

2 thoughts on “God is Good!

  1. You are so blessed to be called in that way. I was reading "A Right To Be Merry" recently and found the way it spoke of the Poor Clare spirituality was so moving. I know that's not the spirituality I'm called to, but I think it is truly beautiful. God Bless!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the Eucharist. It is one of the reasons why God has called me to be a Poor Clare. Saint Clare loved and adored the Eucharist and was so devoted to Him in that way. I also cry when the priest consecrates the Body and Blood! God Bless!

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