Ups and Downs

Today’s been kind of a roller-coaster day. When I woke up I felt terrible. Then I spent some time chatting online to my best friend. That cheered me up a little bit because we haven’t been able to talk much the last few days. So I felt a little more positive about the day then. So for a while I felt okay, I made some lunch and thought it’d be okay. But then it was just up and down all afternoon and I never did get anything done. So it’s now nearly midnight and I’m just glad I don’t have class tomorrow. I still have work I’m supposed to have done but haven’t. I should really sleep so I can get up early and do some work early tomorrow.

One of my friends is moving to the US and soon and is visiting me tomorrow for the last time before the move. So I’m kind of bummed about that because I’ll really miss him. It’s his dream and I’m happy for him and all, but I’m sad for me. I guess that’s how a lot of people are going to feel if I enter the abbey.

Today was not a good day.


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