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So I went round my room with my camera the other day taking pictures of a few of the more important Catholic things I keep around my room.

My Our Lady of Sorrows holy card:

I wrote about this in the My Patrons page (top right if you’re interested). The card looked like this when I found it, so it’s not me mistreating it! It’s not laminated or even that plastic type paper, so it gets damaged easily.

My (no longer) standing crucifix:

This did used to be a standing crucifix. The base broke when I moved over the summer, you can kind of see at the bottom. It now hangs on one wall thanks to some thread I looped through the horizontal beam.

My wall crucifix:

I bought this after my standing crucifix broke. I like that it is much simpler than the standing crucifix.

My statue of Our Blessed Mother:

And last but definitely not least, Our Blessed Mother. I believe this statue is Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal – the medal at her feet kind of gave it away. The reason I bought this over any other in the store was that our Blessed Mother is crushing the serpent beneath her foot and I liked that about it.

I also have a rosary on the wall alongside my bed and my blessed palm from Palm Sunday is tucked above the whiteboard on my wall. So every wall of my room has something on it, which I think is pretty awesome. I’m after a Hodegetria icon, but I can’t afford one at the moment. And some saints would be awesome, but again I can’t afford anything at the moment. I keep a holy card of Our Lady of Grace in my purse, and I have two holy cards of St. Benedict floating around in various places.

Anyway, a little departure from my usual posts but I hope you enjoy it!


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