I was thinking about Latin earlier. Languages are one thing I admit to being good at. I speak Spanish and Portuguese (no, they do not count as the same), I know some French and some Japanese. I have never, however, studied Latin. This is much to my everlasting dismay, since I’ve always really wanted to learn it. So I think it’s very interesting that I feel called to join a community that uses so much Latin! It’s probably part of my attraction to them.

I thought it would be terribly confusing being there with all the Latin, since I didn’t know any when I visited. I knew the Hail Mary in Latin, as well as the Sanctus and the Agnus Dei since my old parish used the Latin for those very often. But that was literally it, and I only knew it to recite it, I didn’t really understand them. When I was at St. Cecilia’s I was very surprised at how much I picked up. After all I was saying the Office seven times a day, eight if I got up for Vigils, and Mass was in Latin. I learnt the Pater Noster, Gloria Patri and Salve Regina just from hearing them so often. The Gloria Patri is said at least a dozen times a day. The Salve Regina is twice a day. I can’t remember how often the Pater Noster is, at least three times a day. The one I really remembered was the beginning of each hour:

V: Deus in adjutorium meum intende. (O God, come to my assistance)

R: Domine ad adjuvandum me festina. (O Lord, make haste to help me)

The sisters gave me these booklets with the Office in both Latin and English for most of the Offices, so I could follow the Latin and the translation at the same time so that helped me pick things up as well. I found myself being able to figure out which words were which in the Latin, which was really fun (yeah I’m that cool).

Super weird thing though: I can only sing the Salve Regina. I can’t say it. If I try to just say it I get all confused and muddled. My brain has obviously used the way it is sung to remember it.


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