Mantillas & Patron Saints

I made a mantilla today! I went shopping after class earlier and got myself some lace and some trim. I don’t have much work space so it’s been tricky but I managed it. I used the already neat edge of the lace for the front so I don’t have to add any trim to that, because I don’t think I bought enough. I might have to go back to the store and get some more because I don’t think I’ll have enough if I make a bigger one. The current one I’m making is black, I know, black is for married women/widows but I doubt anyone in my parish will know that. I bought white lace as well, but I couldn’t find as nice a trim for that as I found for the black.

On Phatmass someone is doing this thing where she (guided by the Holy Spirit) picks a patron saint for you for 2012. I got Saint Camillus of Lellis. Quite frankly I have never heard of him, but I like to think the more obscure saints are sometimes good ones to get to know.

So there you go, Saint Camillus of Lellis. I’ve got a whole year now to learn about him. Not sure what the Holy Spirit has in mind, but I’m sure I’ll find out!

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