Virtues and Continents

I wrote already about how a patron for next year has been picked for me, and another Phatmasser is doing the same thing with virtues and continents. I asked her to pick for me and I got the virtue of Honesty and the continent of South America. I am very interested to see what the Holy Spirit had in mind when those were picked for me!

On Saturday I went to the Cathedral for Adoration and Mass afterwards. When I left I decided to leave through the hall because I wanted to do some shopping and it’s quicker than the main entrance. As I was walking out and folding my mantilla back into my bag a man walking in the same direction said to me, “It’s nice to see someone wearing a mantilla nowadays.” I was totally taken aback by it, but I thanked him and commented that yes, it was unusual nowadays. That was the extent of it, but it made me smile nonetheless. It makes me wonder if perhaps there is more of a desire out there among women to veil but they don’t see it as an option any more.

I was very struck by today’s Gospel. It speaks to the religious life in a truly beautiful way. The religious gives God everything they have, just as the poor widow did. They love God so entirely that they withhold nothing from Him and give all they have to Him. They trust in Him so entirely that they give Him all they have and trust that He will provide for them in abundance. They have such faith in Him that they know that He will not let them go without.

We could learn something from them I think.


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