An Announcement

As my past posts may have indicated, I have struggled in my discernment recently. I have struggled to find any peace. I realised by personal desires were getting in the way of my discerning the will of God. So I offered all my desires to God, and over time have been able to realise that I do not believe that I have a vocation to the religious life.

I do not regret the path I have taken. I do not regret discerning the religious life. I do not regret my time at St. Cecilia’s. I truly believe that God called me to discern the religious life. But for now, I believe He is leading me in a different direction. I loved St. Cecilia’s and the thought of not going back was very painful at first but the Lord has given me peace. I think that peace is for me the truest sign that this is the will of God. Perhaps He will lead me back there in the future, at the moment I do not know.

As the subtitle of this blog says, I am trying to find my way. I don’t know where the road is leading at this point, but I trust that the Lord has something great in store for me. I want to thank all of you who have been so kind and supportive of me on this journey. I do plan to keep on blogging so this blog is not done with yet!

4 thoughts on “An Announcement

  1. I’m so happy you’ve made a new step in your discernment! Even though this might seem like new territory, take time to enjoy God’s will for you in the present moment as you discern what your future might be like. I’ll be praying for you!

  2. Kathryn Lucy says:

    Wow! I have to say I’m actually quite shocked by this. But good for you in taking that step! I know it can be really scary to think about what vocation God might have planned for you if it’s not religious life. I’ve been talking to a vocations director and she said that one of the main fears that someone has when they’re discerning is “what if I’m not called to religious life?” and all the worries that surround that: now I have to re-enter the dating world, find a job, worry about finances, etc. And she hit the nail on the head with me, because I was having all those worries, in addition to the fear of “what if God really IS calling me to religious life?” Of course, I’m still in the “confusion” stage of it all, with not really a clue, but I’ve just kind of chucked it all into God’s hands and said “I’m done worrying about it.” Not sure if that’s the smartest thing, but oh well.
    Anyways, didn’t want this to turn into a long soliloquy. I just wanted to say that you were brave to admit to yourself that God may not be calling you to religious life. And hopefully you can discover your vocation soon:)

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