Everything Is Done In His Sight

“No created thing is hidden from him; everything is uncovered and stretched fully open to the eyes of the one to whom we must give account of ourselves.” Hebrews 4:13

The omnipotence of God is something we can never truly comprehend, because we are in ourselves so limited. We are so limited in our sight; not just in what we can see with our eyes but the sight of knowledge. We are so limited in what we can see and know and understand. We cannot even truly know ourselves, He knows us far more intimately than do. We cannot understand being able to see beyond ourselves and beyond our limitations. Omnipotence goes far beyond our own capabilities as created beings. 

“And yet no one is forgotten in God’s sight. Why, every hair in your head has been counted.” Luke 12:6-7

God is the author of all creation. Everything is known to Him because everything was created by Him. There is not a hair on your head or a grain of sand in the sea that is unknown to Him. It is like looking at a painting, you only see the finished piece, the overall impression. But the artist sees every layer of paint, every brushstroke, every minor detail of their creation. And so it is with God’s creation. Only He can see and know every detail of what He has created. 

“The Lord looks down from heaven, He sees the whole human race; from where He sits He watched all who live on the earth, He who moulds every heart and takes note of all men do.” Psalm 33:13-15

We are so used to being able to hide things from people. We can keep parts of ourselves hidden and only reveal to others what we may choose too. We tell lies and keep secrets and put on masks. We can do this because others cannot see into our minds and our hearts just as we cannot see into theirs. We cannot know others beyond what they choose to reveal to us. But we cannot hide anything from God. He has moulded us and knows us better than we know ourselves. We are limited by our nature as fallen creatures. But God has no such limits. Although we can hide ourselves from our fellow man, we cannot hide anything from God. 

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