I touched upon this topic very, very briefly when I wrote one of my posts about veiling (On Head Covering) but after a recent discussion I wanted to expand on it further.

For me, part of the great beauty of the Church is that it allows us all to express our faith differently. It acknowledges that we are individuals and have different expressions of our faith, but that each expresses the same love and devotion to the Lord. We see this in the saints, for example. Each saint is different and had their own unique way of holiness, yet each was devoted to the Lord and now shares in His eternal glory. Religious orders and congregations are similarly a beautiful witness to how one can be totally consecrated to the Lord but express that love and that consecration in different ways.  Not to mention the novenas, scapulars, rosaries, chaplets, litanies; the list just goes on! We may each chose to express our faith in different ways and to have different practices and devotions yet we are all bought together because of our love for the same Lord our God. It is truly a beautiful witness to the greatness of the Lord, that He has created us all so uniquely and so differently and calls each of us to Him in our own special way.


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