The Future

The future is a scary thing. With entrance to the abbey no longer what I am looking to right now, I am a little lost. When I graduate college this summer I will have nothing to do. And I have no idea what I want to do. So I’ve been thinking for a while about doing some kind of volunteer program. I remember [postulant] at St. Cecilia’s mentioning a friend who was doing an internship with a pro-life charity in London. It’s a few months and they cover accommodation and living costs, so it could be perfect. I’d love to do pro-life work, there just isn’t anything in my city. So…I could enquire. I want to. I’m just scared. I’m not good at emailing people. I remember when I first emailed Mother Mistress I was so terrified. And I don’t know what my family would think of me doing something like that. I shouldn’t care but well…me and my family are a whole other kettle of fish. But I think it would be a great experience for me! And not just that, but the chance to work to save unborn lives. So…I shall pray over it for a few days and see.

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