Interesting Insights

Yesterday I went to Adoration. I hadn’t been in a while but was in town anyway so I decided to go. To give some background here, for a while I had been wanting to go back to St. Cecilia’s. I don’t know why, just to see it again or talk to Mother Mistress or something. As I discussed before, I have had some trouble “mourning” and I think it was to do with that. I was just kneeling silently in Adoration, not really thinking about anything and just looking at Jesus when I ‘heard’ very distinctly “don’t go back”. Since I hadn’t been thinking about it, I was taken aback for a moment but I clearly needed that moment. Obviously it’s only been a day but I’ve felt much more at peace about it since then.

I also had another interesting moment but I’m keeping that to myself for now. I need to think about it and pray about it for a while. But I am also applying for an internship to work with a Catholic pro-life charity here after I finish college. So please pray for me, I’d absolutely love to work with them. And of course pray for them and all who do pro-life work.

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