Even More Saints (Part 3)

St. Benedict 

Coming from a girl who wanted to be a Benedictine, this really shouldn’t surprise you. When I was at St. Cecilia’s the readings were on the life of St. Benedict. I knew very little about St. Benedict actually, but I learnt that he was really a super cool guy. I keep a holy card and a St. Benedict medal in my purse.

St. Nicholas

No, not Santa. Real St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra. He was very anti-Arian, and at the Council of Nicea, slapped Arius in the face. Now, he did a lot of other cool stuff too. During a famine, he convinced some sailors who were delivering wheat to the Emperor to give some to the city. They were reluctant, since they had a precise amount to deliver to the Emperor but St. Nicholas convinced them they would not lose out. When they got to the Emperor, the sailors discovered that they had exactly the right amount of wheat for the Emperor, despite having given away two years worth of wheat. But I feel a great affinity for him because slapping Arius is exactly the kind of thing I would do. Hehe.

Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity

While I am not (and never have been) a Carmelite by nature, and usually Carmelites do not draw me, Blessed Elizabeth always has. When I started looking more into her life, I found that she was given to fits of temper. I find it greatly comforting to remember the weaknesses of saints, that these great holy men and women were human and had struggles just like us. Temper is something I have also struggled with, so to find that Blessed Elizabeth had the same weakness was a great comfort to me. It reminded me that we are all called to holiness, and that we can attain it despite our flaws and our weakness if we put our hope in God.


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