Making a Mantilla

Not my usual thing, but I decided to post my tutorial for making mantillas. This method was recommended to me by a friend, although I don’t have her original instructions anymore but this is a fairly simple method. I made two mantillas and spent maybe a quarter of what I would have if I bought one – and still have enough fabric left to make several more if I want.

You need two measurements:

  • Measure from your forehead/hairline to where you want the mantilla to hang back (A)
  • Measure how long you want it to be from the top of your head to your shoulder (B)

To make the mantilla:

  1. Fold the lace in half. Mark measurement A along the fold.
  2. Mark measurement B on the straight edge.
  3. Mark a straight line between A and B (line C) Cut along C.
  4. Unfold to get the basic shape of the mantilla.
  5. Hem or sew ribbon lace along the edges (where C would be).

If, like me, you add ribbon lace to the edges then remember that if you use a wide ribbon it will add a few inches to the size. I also folded my lace so that the already neat edge of the fabric was along B so I didn’t have to add to that edge. Tutorials are not my thing (as you’ve probably figured out if you’re reading this!) but this takes only basic sewing skills. I should add that it’s much easier to work in short lengths of thread when working with lace and it’s easier if you work at a table.

Some of my thoughts on veiling/headcovering: So…veiling  On headcovering

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