Saints are our friends!

There was a time when I didn’t really get the whole saint thing. When I was confirmed, I chose my patron based primarily because I thought her name was pretty (Saint Emiliana, by the way). Saint Agnes, who is to this day my favourite saint, was the first saint I really got to know. I think before that I had always approached saints as these strange mystical figures. Saint Agnes was the first saint who felt real and human to me. She was the first saint who felt like someone I could talk to and relate to (obviously not on the martyrdom front, but I’m sure you know what I mean). She became my friend. I’m sure any non-Catholics might find that entirely odd, that I consider a girl who lived in the year 300 AD to be my friend. I’m sure some people have much more formal relationships with their saint-friends. But I just talk to Saint Agnes, like I’d talk to you. And she made me see that all those in heaven with her aren’t so strange after all. So I can talk to them too, and now I have lots of saint-friends! I’ve written before about the saints that are my friends, here and here and here.

So if saints seem a little strange and scary to you too, remember they are your friends! You can just have a chat. Give it a try and see which saints become your friends.


One thought on “Saints are our friends!

  1. I clearly understand where you are coming from, I chose Saint Francis of Assisi I could relate to Him all through High School, on a Christian chat site we talked on Our Blessed Lady The Saints Prayer to them both the posted on the side panel the Catechism, I looked it up they edited it much I spoke up a few others did as well, if any1 is interested, being told 1/2 of The Roman Catholic Church is True 1/2 is not means God is Not True to His Holy World that The Saints through Holy Scripture and the Church could not really be true Christians we know that’s not the true case,i was told Catholics don’t read the Bible a lot but this post sharing is a blessed blessing for me I see again The Saints were human like us they chose to Love God and Follow God the Show us yes it can be done in Our World today as in their World in their day, blessed sharing .

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