7 Quick Takes Friday

So I’ve seen the 7 Quick Takes around for ages but never done it before. Mostly because I never remember on Fridays. This is very late on Friday, but better late than never!


We didn’t get any trick-or-treaters this year. Boo. This is my first year living at my mum’s house and we’ve never been around anyway on Halloween since we moved here. There aren’t really any kids on my street, and it’s the top of a steep hill so it’s not like people are gonna be trick-or-treating unless they live here. Well, more sweets for me! I had fun carving my pumpkin with a bat. I volunteer at a charity shop, so I spent my day on Halloween having customers giggling at my spider headband. And then wore the headband all evening at home. You can’t say I don’t get into holidays. I was supposed to go to a party last week but it was cancelled after a death at the venue (may the Lord have mercy on their soul).


My mother is a Brownie leader and I occasionally help her out. Next week I’m running the session so this week has been a flurry of printing and setting up for that. I’m glad I’m not a regular leader, this is taking up so much time. I really go all out when I do stuff like this and I think I’d let it take over my life. But it made me excited for being able to one day do stuff like this for my own kids. Not that I think about stuff like that….*looks innocent*. I’m hitting the stage in life (at 22-and-8-months) where I’m starting to want to get married and have kids. Eeek.


My sister was visiting this week. She’s at university studying to be a teacher. She didn’t spend the whole week (even though she didn’t have classes) since she wanted to go back to university to be with her boyfriend. My boyfriend has been super busy with work and assignments at the moment so we haven’t been able to talk very much. I admit when me and my boyfriend are having this period where we can’t talk so often and I’m (or at least it seems constantly) hearing about my sister and her boyfriend, who live in the same flat in their halls (like a dorm for you non-Brits) it does make it harder. So the things that are keeping me busy are something of a godsend right now.

Having graduated from university this year, I’ve felt a bit stuck. I’m not learning things! This is the first time in my life I’ve not been in education. I’ve gotten into Duolingo and Khan Academy, and so far I’m loving it. At the moment I’m brushing up on my maths and Spanish. My next aim is to learn some techie stuff . My IT classes at school were extremely lacking so while I am competent with technology, there’s a lot I don’t understand. I refuse to let technology pass me by!


I am loving baking at the moment. Cakes, cakes and more cakes. I had to bake some cupcakes for a fundraiser so I’ve been using up my leftover icing. Usually I bake the cakes and my sister decorates so I can make a cake delicious, but not pretty. Pretty is the part I’ve been working on. If only cake wasn’t fattening. Hehe.


November 1st is my absolute earliest date for thinking about anything Christmas related. The commercial Christmas starting in about August drives me crazy. While Advent doesn’t start for a while still, Christmas is easily my favourite liturgical season. I’ve got a big blog project planned for Advent so that’ll be my new project now that I let myself think about such things. I’m hoping that this Christmas my family will come to Mass with me – they used to agree to come only on Christmas and Easter but they were so mad at me for my convent trip that they’ve refused to attend anything remotely Catholic since. I’m putting that particular Christmas wish in the hands of St. Monica, so we’ll see if they make it.

I hate winter. It’s starting to get really cold here. The heating is going on, I’ve got the blanket on the sofa and my skin is feeling dry. I could deal with the cold and the rain and all that if it weren’t for the dryness. Dryness + eczema = Very Unhappy Emily. It’ll be a good test of my current attempt to regulate my skin issues though – limiting synthetics on my skin as much as possible. So far so good but this is the final hurdle.

Woo, I did it! Maybe next week I’ll be more punctual.

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