7 Quick Takes Friday (I remembered!)

It’s Friday already? Where did the week go? I feel like time is going really fast at the moment. This is super late again because I work on Fridays and never have time after work because I have to cook. It’s a hard life. Haha.

I’ve been painting this week. I have a load of these A4 boards for painting so I figured why not try do something to spruce up my sister’s room at uni. She lives in a very old, very decrepit old halls. Even my halls at uni were better and I lived in what looked like a prison block (a prison block with a view of the sea, but a prison block nonetheless). I accidentally got bright pink paint on the dining table. Like bright pink. Luckily I managed to get it off before my mother spotted it. I even got a charity shop frame today to put my masterpiece in.

Two people I know have ended up in hospital this week. One of my best friends was hospitalised after a car accident, she’s out now but has to see specialists still. Then today we found out a friend of my mother’s is in an induced coma after an accident. Prayers for both of their recoveries would be very much appreciated.

I’ve stopped biting my nails. Really. Having bitten them all my life, I’ve stopped. Obsessively painting my nails is doing the trick. But they feel too long! I have claws. But they’re oh-so-pretty-painted-sparkly-blue claws.

Have you seen that super cute video of the kid that sneaks into the Holy Father’s chair? If you haven’t you need to.

The bit where he gives Pope Francis a hug is just so sweet.

I realised today that next month is 5 years since my Confirmation (feast of St. Ambrose, in case you were wondering). It seems like such a long time ago, but at the same time I can’t believe it was 5 years ago. Believe it or not, the thing I remember most is praying that I wouldn’t fall over when I went to kneel in front of the archbishop. My high school graduation in a floor-length dress and heels up steps was a piece of cake in comparison.


My family are not Catholic. They’re not overtly anti-Catholic, but they’re not fans. I posted this on my tumblr page today, it happened a few months ago.

My sister: Catholics hate gay people

Me: No, Catholics don’t hate gay people

My sister and my mother: Yeah they do

Me: No, they don’t, and it’s offensive of you to say that

My mother: Who’s being offended? It’s true.

Me: I am offended, and no it’s not true!

My sister and my mother: Ugh, stop overreacting. You’re so oversensitive.

My face:


2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday (I remembered!)

  1. OFM@3057-Moo says:

    Emily will Pray 4 Your Frieds My Friend Josh healing after a 12 point Bck Deer hit hid MotorCycle at 30 mph left foot moved to pelivis I am blessed by ur sharing my Sister Was an Artist too.Amen AlWaYs
    2nd. Cor.12:14

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