Today was the day I was in a way dreading. One friend is at a retreat with the community she is discerning with, asking for application. Another was clothed today. Another made her solemn profession. I have truly felt happy for them, I was unhappy for me (if that makes any sense at all). That is terribly self-centred, I know.

None of those things occurred to me all day. Only in the evening did I remember the solemn profession, and only when I saw another friend post about the clothing photos (the sisters are quick!) did I remember the rest.

When I did remember, I was only happy for them. It hasn’t made my wounds sting in the way I thought it would, in the way it has the past few days. I can’t pretend the wounds have healed, but they have not been re-opened as I feared.

One thought on “Surprises

  1. OFM@3057-Moo says:

    Emily Ann, Remember that as a Bible Believing Christian You Are Allways Clothed in The Rightousness and Love Of Your Heavenly Father Our Lord Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit and Allow Our Blessed Virgin Mary t Touch Your Heart and Spirit with Her Love And Special Graces I Shall remember You Tonight Special As I Pray My Rosary…..
    Blessed Blessings,

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