Patrons, Virtues and Continents

As I talked about last year I have some friends on Phatmass who, guided by the Holy Spirit will pick a patron saint for you and a virtue for you to practice and a continent for you to pray for over the coming liturgical year. Last year, I got:

Saint: Camillus de Lellis
Virtue: Honesty
Continent: South America

Recently the lady who does the virtues and continents did a “harvest” ask to see how we’d found our picking. Here are my thoughts on what I had:

St. Camillus de Lellis: At first, I struggled with this one. Having a lesser known saint, after my initial research I felt a little like “what more can I do?” But I’ve tried really hard to stick with it and get to know him better. I’m not very good at getting to know “new” saints, I’m very stuck in my ways. Although, I’ve been struggling with an old ankle injury that just will not heal and he was plagued by a leg wound so I guess that’s a link (if a tenuous one). And I do think I’ve got to know him, and added another saint to my heavenly friends.

Honesty: I didn’t even really think about this for ages until she asked and then I had a moment of “oh my gosh this totally applied to my life”. I’m not a dishonest person but I’m not a very open person. I really struggle to be open with people, it makes me really uncomfortable. I’d been having some problems with my family and I had to learn to be honest with them, and that is very uncomfortable for me. But I did it, and I’ve slowly been getting better at honesty. So really, a perfect pick for this year.

South America: This was admittedly very easy for me. I am South American so I always check the news for the region to see what’s going on, so this was just adding a prayer element to that.

It’s been an interesting and fruitful year! But it’s coming to an end so my new picks will be coming in soon. This year I’ve got:

Saint: Maximillian Kolbe and Joan of Arc
Virtue: Generosity
Continent: North and Central America

Double pick with the saints! I am SO excited because these are two saints I’ve always liked but never really taken the time to get to know. Although I hope two martyrs isn’t an ominous sign…hehe.

Generosity will be interesting to see how that comes out. For me generosity tends to come in bursts and then I lose interest. I will definitely have to work hard on that one.

I’m quite excited to have gotten a continent that I don’t know very well, since I’ve lived in Europe and in Asia and am from Europe/South America.

With the new liturgical year approaching quickly, I’m looking forward to getting started soon!


One thought on “Patrons, Virtues and Continents

  1. OFM@3057-Moo says:

    Amen I have been doing this 4 6 Years now I will Choose All Women Saints this Year 4 The 1st time Except for Saint Anthony My Sister Placed Me in His Care Before Her Heavenly Reward about 4 months. I Choose a Lay Person And Different Religious Orders And Pray Daily 2 them or most days I do.And Read in the whole year on Their Live and Spirituality all Year.

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