7 Quick Takes (2 days late)

— 1 —

Yes, this is late. One thing that comes abundantly clear when you read my 7QT posts is that I am never on time.

— 2 —

At the moment, I’m reading Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. I’ve barely started so I’m still in the first chapter, but it’s fascinating. One of my favourite books is George Orwell’s 1984 and so many people have recommended Brave New World to me because of that, so when I spotted it in the library I just had to get it.

— 3 —

My dog and cat have fleas. Fleas. Despite the flea-massacring stuff from the vet, it makes my skin feel all creepy. My poor dog keeps getting upset that I won’t let her sit on the sofa (not that she should be there anyway).

— 4 —

Despite knowing the season finale was last week, it only dawned on me this evening that there is no more Downton Abbey. I only got into it this season, and suddenly it’s being taken away from. Boo.

— 5 —

My internet here is useless. For the past three days we’ve had barely any connection. It genuinely drives me crazy. How, in 2013, can it be so difficult to get a decent internet connection? It’s not like I live in the middle of nowhere.

— 6 —

I don’t like fireworks. There were fireworks at my aunt’s birthday party this week, and with Bonfire Night recently as well I’m really sick of fireworks. I just don’t see the appeal. They’re pretty for about two minutes but fireworks displays always go on for at least 10, by which point I’m bored and have a headache. Fireworks just do not appeal to me. Sparklers, however, are cool.

— 7 —

How is it halfway through November already? Where has the time gone? It’ll be Advent before I know it.

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