Trusting in His will

Today, I finally found something about the solemn profession of my friend last weekend. I sought it out, because she is my friend and I wanted to hear about it. I smiled at seeing her in a black veil, and thought how happy I was for her. But I also felt this pang of envy and hurt. The actual day I dealt with better than I thought I would. But it still hurts. I shouldn’t hurt like this. My boyfriend is a wonderful person, and I love him more than I ever thought possible. I am so happy when I think of us getting married. I don’t want to not be with him. So why is the sting still there? Why can I not simply be happy for my friends without feeling this hurt and envy?

I am now perpetually afraid of being wrong. If I could be so wrong once, could it not happen again? How can I be sure that what I feel is God’s will is true? How can I trust His will now? I’m too angry, too hurt, too betrayed. 


2 thoughts on “Trusting in His will

  1. OFM@3057-Moo says:

    Its hard Emily becoming close To The Community and Other Canidate U Prayed For Your Vocation, I Know God Taught You Much and You Shared Jesus With them that would not of been done by another person You Learned Prayer To Seek God Daily in Prayer From Your Heart And Spirit, You Have that with You always. Its Great You and Your Boyfriend Love each other our Life is Special To The Body of Christ Marridge Is a Vocation That’s Holy Too, Praying For Peace in Your Heart. Dance In Joyous Joyful Joy Of Our Lord Jesus Christ Daily!!!!
    Blessings In Christ,

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